The GPM Charitable Trust

The Trust is an independent charity which exists to give support to workers and their families in the Printing, Graphical, Papermaking and Media industries. Former workers in these industries can also apply for help and support.

The object of the charity is to provide financial assistance to those who may need it in a variety of situations. Applications can be made by those who find themselves in need through sickness or disablement or who require convalescence.

Assistance can also be offered to support applicants through retraining, skill enhancement, educational requirements especially following redundancy or other reduction in income.

The Trustees meet at regular intervals and can award grants to applicants to help pay for goods, services or facilities.

Over the last couple of years the Trust has helped individuals in many different ways to improve their quality of life. It has:

  • Helped purchase mobility aids
  • Helped to enable applicants suffering from severe disabilities to remain in their own home
  • Helped towards the cost of a respite or convalescent break.


  • Tuesday 29th March 2022 - Applications to be received by 15th March 2022
  • Tuesday 30th August 2022 - Applications to be received by 16th August 2022
  • Tuesday 29th November 2022 - Applications to be received by 15th November 2022